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I am Rossana Winters, the driving force behind Realty One and a mum to three children. I have lived in Rockhampton for over forty years.

After starting my working life in hospitality and taking over the Frenchville Food Store after eight varied, exciting and interesting years as the owner and hands-on manager,  the next twenty-seven years were spent building this into a highly successful business, honing my people, service and organizational skills. I put a lot of emphasis on having systems, processes and procedures in place to produce the best results for team members and customers alike, all this while raising my family. Dealing with people from all walks of life and putting a smile on their faces gives me a great sense of achievement.

I also built an extensive portfolio of eighteen properties during the early years, comprising houses, units, and commercial properties. Having also renovated a dozen homes and units, this has given me a keen eye for detail and a flair for styling, and it has also given me vast insight into people and what they seek.


After twenty-seven years in the food store, it was time for a change in direction. Returning to my roots, using the knowledge, experience, and expertise passed down to me by my parents (naturopath, iridologist and chiropractor), I created Rejuvenate Wellness Centre. My caring and nurturing nature and frank attitude gave me the drive to help improve people’s lifestyles with a whole of body and mind approach. Fast forward to today, we now have a team of trained Endomologists that assist in the running of the wellness centre.


Some time ago, while looking at properties, I realized that I was just a number to the agents doing the open homes, who were rushing from one property to another, giving prospective buyers just a few minutes to inspect what might well have been the house of their dreams. It dawned on me that there had to be a better way. The old style of the real estate agents had worked really well for years.

When Covid 19 and arrived, with the restrictions imposed, like every business in Australia, the client base from the wellness centre took a slight downturn due to the social distancing restrictions etc., So it was time to fill in the between time with clients with additional income, so I took on extra work with an old friend, John MacMaster, Principal and Mortgage Broker of Finance First. Using my business and people experience, John employed me as the Client Support Specialist. It was some time after joining Finance First that we came to a conclusion, from the difficulties some clients were having with real estate agents, that a combination of real estate and finance would make life a whole lot simpler. After all, we were helping them get the best finance options. Why not extend our personal, friendly, local service to help them buy and sell properties.


So, loving a challenge and in typical Rossana fashion, I booked myself into a real estate course, got my license, and here we are today. The result is Realty One!! With years of experience as a property investor and renovator, as well as being a successful business person, I am the face and driving force behind Realty One.

I have made Realty One unique by offering clients a more straightforward, relaxed way to purchase and finance their dream home or investment property all in one place by combining with John MacMaster at Finance First.


“Realty One is not just another real estate agency. In fact, I don’t even see myself as an agent, more of a facilitator who helps people buy or sell their property and arrange their home loans.”

“At Realty One, we want our clients to relax and not stress. We want them to know that we will be providing relevant and independent information about their property and financing, matched with real old fashioned service, with a modern twist.”


“Come and join us on the journey. Let’s make the home and the loan one conversation. This is at the core of both Realty One and Finance First.”


Rossana Winters


Realty One

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